I Want to Activate My 5th Chakra


When i m concentrating on head n spine n i can see the light on third eye chakra but i want to activate vishudhi chakra....how n when i can do it...

—Serene kk, India


Dear Serene kk, It is great to hear that you are concentrating on the head, spine, and spiritual (third) eye—and also that you are able to see the light there! Keep up the good work!

It is also a wonderful idea to work with (activate) the chakras, but it is wise not to focus on only one of them (you mentioned the 5th or throat chakra). The chakras are a part of a holistic system of energy. They do not act as individual energy fields, but rather are strongly interconnected with and influential to each other, in many ways. The best way to work with the chakras, is to focus on all of them, especially through techniques of sending prana (conscious cosmic energy) through them in various ways, to cleanse and purify them

If your desire to focus on the 5th chakra is because of some problem or imbalance that you feel there, again it is better to focus on sending prana to all of the chakras. Prana is CONSCIOUS. It knows where to go and what to do, to create purification and healing throughout your chakras systems. Paramhansa Yogananda’s techniques of Kriya Yoga are perfect for doing this! Let us know if you would like help in learning them.

Also, you might enjoy reading my blogs on each of the chakras at my website: www.savitrisimpson.com.