I want to learn astral projection


I need answers about astral projection. I believe it's true and exists. I want to learn it. I spoke to many people but in vain. I don’t know whom to ask. Hoping I get help from you. Thank you.

—Aditya, India


Dear Aditya,

Astral projection is a skill, which advanced yogis practice easily. Thus, the obvious answer to your question of how become able to learn astral projection would be to become an advanced practitioner of yoga.

When I use the word yoga, I am using it in the broadest sense of the word—that is, not just hatha yoga, or the yoga asanas (postures), but rather Raja Yoga, which is the harmonious combination of all the yogic sciences, with meditation as the supreme guide.

However, you first must ask yourself the question of why you want to practice astral projection? I can certainly understand its appeal to you or anyone. Many years ago, as a young truth-seeker, I very much wanted to be able to do it myself (and tried a number of techniques that I read in various books, to try to be able to do it). It never worked, but then I knew nothing about the deeper sciences of yoga at that time in my life.

Later I became aware that astral projection, which is mentioned very early in Paramhansa Yogananda’s classic Autobiography of a Yogi, is one of the siddhis or yogic powers, which begin to develop naturally in those who diligently practice Raja Yoga.

However, it is very important for you to know that the great Masters of yoga often warn us: “Beware of the siddhis!” Why would they say that? It is because the siddhis can be a great trap, which will bind you even more thoroughly to your egoic desires, when one of the main goals of all the techniques of yoga is to free the ego from all desires! A great Master of yoga would never use his or her yogic powers except as guided by God, and most certainly NEVER for ego gratification!

Think of how you might feel right now, if suddenly you could astral project yourself to the other side of the world. It might be frightening, or fun, or exhilarating, at least at first. Most likely, another reaction soon would be, “Hey, I can do this great thing, when nobody else can do it! I must be very special!” Can you see the ego-trap involved?

It is much better to focus instead in learning and practicing Raja Yoga and letting yourself be guided carefully into attaining whatever powers (siddhis) God and Gurus know are best for you to develop. Their goal is to help you become completely free of all desires and to become one with God and all that is—as quickly as possible.

Yogananda’s path of Kriya Yoga is a wonderful expression of Raja Yoga. Please let us know if you would like to learn its techniques and to begin your own all-important spiritual journey. We would be happy to help you do that!