If All Circumstances Are Perfect For Our Growth, Then Why Work On Making the World a Better Place?


I think in one of the talks it was said that whatever happens in the world (and in one’s life) is perfect for one’s spiritual growth. If that is true then there is no need to work on betterment of the world — no need to fix the problems of the world, no need to advance science, no need to stop someone from hurting others.

—Amit, USA


Dear Amit,

It is true that whatever happens to us in life is for our best, and that is perfect for our next step of evolution.

So why do all the Masters work for the betterment of the world, mightily so? And why should we do the same? Why is the thought wrong, “Oh, there is a person in a ditch, but I don’t help him out, as it’s perfect for him to starve there”?

This world is a constant battle between light and darkness and our duty (dharma) is to help the light win, inside and outside. Only if we are instruments of Light do we express our soul, are in attunement with God, and can get back to Him. This is why the Masters always teach us to love, give, serve, be kind, help the needy, take care of the weak, and make the world a better place.

At the same time, if something tough happens to us, we should remember: “Whatever comes, let it come,” it is indeed perfect, as it represents the next step of my evolution.

So these two statements seem to contradict each other, but they don’t.

In short: Yes, help to make our world a better place, let love shine,