If My Sadness Disappears After Meditation, Are My Problems Not Serious?


If my sadness disappears after meditation, does that mean that the problems causing these heavy emotions aren’t serious? Or is that what deep meditation does to any emotion no matter how serious and deeply it affects you? P.S: I am struggling with grief; I am seeing a therapist however.

—Carolyn, United States


Dear Carolyn,

Meditation helps lift our consciousness up into God’s presence. This presence is accessible in meditation regardless of circumstances. In fact, sometimes it takes challenging circumstances to prompt us to really reach for God’s presence, becoming uncomfortable remaining on churning seas of emotional reactions. That you are able to experience times after meditation when your sadness disappears is a sign that you are tapping into a higher state of consciousness. This is important spiritual growth for you. In those moments when the sadness lifts, you may offer your love, free of any emotional turmoil, to your loved one, soul to soul.

It is normal to experience grief when someone close to us passes. But grief does not continue forever and we need not feel guilty when it begins to dissipate. That you are at times experiencing peace in meditation does not minimize your loss. Living only on the surface of raging emotions, and possibly stirring them up further with excessive regret or self-criticism, does not help honor one who has passed nor bring gratitude for the time shared with them. One way to understand the grief we experience when we lose a loved one is to see that we lose a connection to God’s Love that we felt in the form of deep love with another person. Meditation opens us up to this Divine Love source. Please keep up your meditation practice. It is a powerful tool for working with life’s problems. In higher consciousness indeed no problem is insurmountable. In God all is possible.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti