If Our Death Is Already Decided, Then Why Are We Born?


If our death is already decided, then why are we born? What for? What is our goal?

—Praveen Kumar, India


Dear Praveen,

From a non-dual, absolute, and cosmic perspective, yes, everything is decided and predestined, also our death. But (and this sounds like a contradiction) from a perspective “down here on earth”, nothing is decided. Our death is not at all decided, neither is our fate. Everything is for us to create. We ourselves are shaping our future., right now, and in every moment.

The thought that everything is already decided is not useful on the level where we are, here in duality, here where we need to use our will to evolve positively.

A useful and positive attitude is expressed in this affirmation of Swami Kriyananda: “What I do today will create a new and better future, filled with inner joy.” Repeat it often.

Why are we born? What is our goal? We are here to grow toward God. That is the common dharma of all human beings. We can move forward, toward His light, or backwards, toward darkness. The choice is ours.

Then there is your indiviaudal dharma, svadharma, which you have to figure out for yourself: what is your direction, your next step, your mission in life? What is God’s will for you, personally? That exactly is what you are born for. The task is not to follow your ego will, but God’s will.

I hope this helps you. Please never think that anything is already decided. You are the Master of your life and future. God has given us free will to use it wisely.

In divine friendship,