I have a question regarding meditation. I have been meditating for 15 years.

The last few years I have increased my practice, every day, twice per day for at least 30-45 minutes.

The last few weeks I have been experiencing intense pressure at the crown of my head.Also, am hearing some type of bells, I feel like I'm in a vacuum.

What does this mean?

Thank you

—Nita, Canada


Dear Nita,

Greetings from yogi to yogi!

Pressure at the point between the eyebrows, sensation on top of the head during meditation, can either come from physical tension (too much willed concentration, and lack of relaxation), or from a strong gathering of spiritual energy there, as meditation directs energy upwards. The second experience – and I think that is what your case – can at times even feel almost like headache, but it is simply our body adjusting to that stronger concentration of energy.

I have felt that pressure too, but not “intense.” Does the “intense” pressure still feel good? If yes, great, if not, relax more. Is the after-effect good and inspiring? I believe so, as you write about parallel experiences of “bells” and “vacuum.”

However, I wouldn’t particularly concentrate on that pressure on top of the head, as Yogananda didn’t recommend doing so. Let it simply be, and let it do its work. It might be that a wonderful energetic transformation is happening in your brain. Deep meditation slowly changes our brain cells, Yogananda explains, so that finally they are able to express Cosmic Consciousness.

About the bells: each chakra emanates a specific inner sound.  The tone of bells come from the heart chakra. If you hear it, great; concentrate on it intensely (but without tension), get deeper into it. These sounds transform and uplift our consciousness. Listen to it especially in the right ear. These sounds can only be heard if interiorized energy is rising in the spine. That’s what’s happening to you, it seems.

The vacuum: this too sounds like a good inner energy experience. There are many special energy experiences. When the inner energy increases, or withdraws, one can have various inner sensations, for example being extremely light, or feeling heavy like a statue, or sitting in space, or, in your case, being in a vacuum.

I think what you are feeling is that energy is withdrawn from the body and the outer world, and in that state you perceive everything very differently. Good. Let it be a “full vacuum,” a very conscious lively experience, similar to what Yogananda explained as the “awakened silence.” As you deepen it, see where it takes you.

Keep going. All these are wonderful signs. Swami Kriyananda uses a nice allegory: when driving in one’s car, the closer one gets to a city the more frequently one sees a publicity, say of a certain hotel, on the roadside. Similarly, the closer we get to the inner kingdom, the more frequently we experience beautiful signs, uplifting feelings, and special perceptions of the inner world.

God bless you, jayadev

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