I’m Seeing the Third Eye in Many Places. What Does This Mean?


What’s the sign or message if I’m seeing the third eye in many places?

—Rochelle cooper, Canada


Dear Rochelle,

When you say “I am seeing the spiritual in many places” do you mean as you go throughout the day? You are seeing the spiritual eye with eyes open?

The appearance of the spiritual eye has various degrees of clarity, calmness, and intensity. One might see one of the three colors but not the others. Portions of some but not all. And on and on. But the full-on, concentric circles and the white star in the center is the complete image. And, yes: it can be seen with eyes open (though I believe this is less common).

What does it all mean? It is certainly a spiritual gift and blessing to see the spiritual eye. And to see it more than once, indeed, “in many places” wherever you go, is particularly unusual and a great blessing. But what is it’s specific significance and is it personal to you?

Unless some message is intuitively offered to you and that appears in your mind or heart (whether as words that form or as a feeling or image to comes to mind), usually it is a validation of your spiritual practices and an indication that your inner sight and focus has achieved a notable and measurable degree.

I suggest that you enter into a relationship with the spiritual eye should it continue. I also suggest that you resist the temptation to claim any kind of personal credit for its appearance; rather, feel blessed, humble and deeply grateful. (It may stay for a while, or not.) Mentally ask the spiritual eye if there is any counsel you might be open to receiving. You might offer your love and devotion to the spiritual eye as a tangible manifestation of Divine Mother’s presence.

Commune with the spiritual eye as your guru’s grace, inviting you to enter the spiritual eye as the doorway to enlightenment. Yogananda describes this process by saying the outer, golden ring may elongate into what appears to be a tunnel. By offering yourself into that tunnel you may find yourself going through it and finding at the end of that tunnel, an indigo, deep blue, or violet colored light there. This too can elongate into yet another tunnel which, in turn, leads to the white circle or five pointed star. At each step, one is encouraged to enter the tunnel; to enter the light; or to allow the light to enter into you and to fill you with its power, grace, love and wisdom. This is, of course, a tall order and represents a spiritually advanced opportunity. But, well, who knows………

Okay? May the Light of the universal Christ-presence shine upon you!
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA