What Do I See Through My Third Eye?


I was doing my chakras. In doing my third eye, I saw a door open and a white angel going in. What does this mean? Thank you for your time!

—Sharon, United States


Dear Sharon,

Your description sounds like you may be seeing an aspect of the spiritual eye. As Swami Kriyananda, our founder, explains, “The spiritual eye, seen in meditation, is a reflection of the energy as it enters the body through the medulla oblongata. It is a golden circle, with a field of dark blue light inside, and, at the center, a silver-white, five-pointed star. The golden circle represents the light of the astral universe. The dark blue light inside represents the causal universe. And the silver-white star in the center represents the Supreme Spirit beyond Creation. If you are blessed to see the spiritual eye, focus your concentration on the star in the middle.” To explain: the medulla which is at the base of the brain can be located at the center indentation at the back of and base of the head and is the point at which cosmic energy enters our body as life force and animates every cell.

The spiritual eye is referred to in the Christian bible. Jesus said, “If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” Swami Kriyananda explains “By higher meditation the devotee knows how to penetrate his consciousness and life force through the telescopic spiritual eye of three colors into eternal space. Any devotee who can focus his eyes and is able to behold this spiritual eye and is able to enter it finds his physical body and his body of the universe filled with cosmic light and the light of wisdom.” Jesus also refers to the spiritual eye as a dove. Swami Kriyananda again explains “The spiritual eye has been compared to a dove because of its three colors–the mouth of the dove is compared to the white star in the middle of the spiritual eye, and the two other colors–blue and gold–in the spiritual eye have been compared to the wings of the dove.” The spiritual eye is also referred to as a door or gateway into higher consciousness.

When we see an aspect of the spiritual eye, it is usually accompanied by an awareness of deep calmness, peace or another spiritually uplifting quality. You will need to assess whether your experience of this white angel is accompanied by higher consciousness.

Devotees may at times see some aspect of the spiritual eye. Consider it great encouragement to continue your spiritual work. Sometimes the spiritual eye is seen only occasionally or it may be seen for a time and then not again. Some people who are very advanced spiritually never see this.

I hope this helps you understand your experience further.

Nayaswami Mukti