What Are You Supposed to See During Meditation?


I’ve been practicing Hatha Yoga and vippasana samatha meditation for some time now, and as of a few months ago have started to see royal blue diamonds in the air, shimmering blue energy and "pops" of light. I am experiencing pressure between the eyes and spontaneous kriyas during meditation and off the cushion. More recently I’ve started to see little balls of white light emerging from the energy I see in the air, what are these? They seem to have a mind of their own.

—Matthew Collins, United Kingdom


Dear Matthew,

Visual, auditory, and tactile sensations and experience of movement during meditation do come from time to time to some but not all meditators. In meditation and hatha yoga we are drawing the energy in our astral or energy spine upward toward the spiritual eye and energy can be released in the process which may present as sound, light, touch or movement. Sometimes these experiences are distractions.

The central point of our spiritual practice is to tune into Divine presence which may be experienced as peace, joy, calmness, love, wisdom, power, as well as light and sound. All these are aspects of God. When we experience one of these even for a moment, it is profoundly uplifting to our consciousness and strongly encourages us to dive deeper spiritually. When you receive experiences such as you describe I encourage you to tune into the quality of consciousness associated with it. Do not be attached to the phenomena itself. If you touch into the Divine presence, seek to rest in that presence. Know that sensory experience may come and go. It is being in that Presence that is our goal.

Many blessings on your spiritual practices,
Nayaswami Mukti