Importance of Spiritual Friends


I am a devotee of Yogananda but there are no meditation groups where I stay. I live in a small place. I am thinking about going to meeting with the society of friends, the Quakers. I miss others that talk about spiritual matters. I know this is up to me. I am after all a grown free man. I only want your view on it.

—Ja, Norway


Thank you for your question! It is a very good idea you have to keep the company of others who are searching for God. It is equally necessary to stay in the particular grace that is given by God through the Guru for your individual growth.

The Ananda Virtual Community which offers abundant resources for staying energized and inspired with your efforts to meditate and continue to seek the Oneness with God. Here is a link:

If you do not already connect with this online opportunity for satsang, please do take a look as it will give you help and support that can be very important. The virtual community has guided meditations, article, talks, music, and an online forum to share thoughts with others.

At the same time, if you feel drawn to talk about spiritual matters with other groups it could be a very great help for you. In the Autobiography of a Yogi, in the chapter on Mahatma Gandhi, Paramhansa Yogananda speaks highly of the Quaker religion as exemplary in peace and non-violence and what a truly beautiful philosophy exists in that religion.

Equally important, though, is maintaining your attunement with Master and his particular expression that comes only with his blessings and ray of light, to be alert for opportunities to stay close to that expression.

Seek truth wherever you are able and always with other lovers of God. Most of all always in self-offering, in the language of your heart, ask God and Guru’s for guidance. They will bless you and surround you in love and light and you will never be far from that Source of Truth.

Many blessings on all your spiritual efforts.