In A Dream I Saw My Guru Having Headache, then Being Relieved. What Does It Mean?


I saw my guru the Shankacharya of Govardhan Math in a dream. He was suffering from headache in that dream. But after a while, he got relief. Can anyone interpret the dream please.

—Shaktiprasad Mishra, India


Dear Shaktiprasad,

I would interpret it like this: the Guru represents the divine light in you, the soul, the true Self. It got recently disturbed by something, maybe by a lack of spiritual attention, devotion, or sadhana. But now the headache (spiritual pain) is going away. The dream might be saying: you are again on the right track. Good.

That right track means devoting yourself to everything your guru stands for: enlightenment. By going for it, all spiritual headaches will disappear.

In divine friendship, Jayadev