What Does It Mean when You See a Bright White Light?


I’m 16 years old. Today as I was meditating a sudden bright white light gained my attention, it was being emitted by my eyes and was swirling and then suddenly a symbol came into sight which looked like a 'U' and both the ends further extending an drooping on either sides till the middle of the alphabet and at the end of each was a circle. What does this mean ?

—Tarushi , India


Dear Tarushi,

This bright light might indeed have been a true superconscious experience. Sometimes subconscious images can appear too, but yours feels like a true elevating vision.

Various symbols can appear in meditation. Yours is not a usual one, so I can’t tell you its meaning.

Therefore I would suggest that during meditation you place that form mentally in your forehead, and ask it: “What is your meaning?” After some time try to intuitively feel the answer in your heart. In this way you might receive its message, its essence.

To me the “U” feels like a receptive opening toward a higher Reality, and the drooping sides might mean to bring it down to earth. I can be very wrong, but it might be an invitation and encouragement to continue to meditate, to open up to the heavens, and to then bring its light down to earth.

But as I said, it’s better for you to intuitively feel for yourself what that special symbol really signifies.

All the best,