What Does Seeing a Master in Meditation Mean?


During meditation I have seen a corporal figure of a Master from the past, whom i didn’t know; later, when looking at some pictures i could identify him as a Sikh Guru. I would appreciate it if you’d tell me what this means. He isn’t my Master, but surely he keeps the same tradition my Master follows.

—Carlos Angarita, Colombia


Dear Carlos,

If you saw this Master in meditation and later found out that he was a true guru from the past, it could indeed be that he came to you to bless you. Great gurus are ever alive. Since he is of the same tradition as your Master, you attracted that special blessing in meditation. So rejoice and consider it an inner grace, a gift from heaven.

It might also mean that you have some special karmic connection with that Sikh Guru, but I can’t be certain about that. Try to feel whether he is close to you.

Otherwise just give thanks, an maybe read a bit about that particular Sikh Guru. Doing so might make the blessing you received last longer.

All the best,