What Does It Mean When You Have a Vision While Meditating?


My question is: when i meditate I see a beautiful gold wall from a massive cube. I penetrated the wall but the light was so bright that I couldn’t let myself go there and was ejected back to the outside of the gold wall. Then, right after that unbelievable experience I saw pink & purple lights flashing out. I have not tried to enter since, but see the wall regularly now and its right above me now! The things i see are so beautiful! I just don’t know why I see this and no one else does.

—Lucienne, Canada


Dear Lucienne,

The land of visions is limitless. Many things can be seen, including geometrical figures like a gold cube. If it is superconscious, it will change your life in a lasting way. Immerse your consciousness in it.

Just two caveats:

You might be a very perceptive and receptive person. So please be careful that your root, your earth element, is strong, stable, calm. Spirituality is measured in the cold light of day, and without that earth element, the cold light of day won’t produce shining results, even with such visions.

The second thing is to discriminate very clearly between true superconscious experience, which is always calm, uplifting, and yes, beautiful; and imagination, which sometimes plays into our perceptions. Yogananda talked about semi-developed intuition, and told the story of a farmer who intuitively knew a lot of things, but then, when a strange knock was made at the door, he said: “This is my brother, who comes unannounced.” Yogananda stepped aside, knowing that this was a bull at the door, and laughed: “Then welcome your brother.” So be sure that your visions are not half true and half a product of fantasy.

This all is just to say: be rooted, watch your daily life, discern between true vision and imagination. Then, if your vision passes these tests, and it is a true one, offer yourself fully into it. It is a gift and you will never be the same. Don’t talk about it: hardly anyone will understand.

Joy to you,