I’m doing meditation and see like a tunnel in the third eye, with a violet light like a donut ring, and then, going into the blue light, I see a sort of big blue sky, or a sort of big wall, and then it stops there. I do not know what this is. Please help me to know how to proceed further. Or maybe you can give me any tips and understand if my third eye is open.

—Gopala, usa


Dear Gopala,

This is very wonderful, you are blessed indeed. It is not easy to see what you are seeing. The full spiritual eye looks like this: it is round, with a blue-violet field, a star in the middle and a golden ring around it.

More advanced still is when that spiritual eye, as is happening to you, forms a tunnel. Where does this tunnel take us?

The answer is: the tunnel you see will take you toward higher consciousness, and also to the higher worlds. In the highest stages (when you enter the star in the middle), it takes you into the holy fields of Eternity.

Any time you are seeing a tunnel while meditating, calmly try to move deeper toward its center. Move there with your heart, with devotion. Absorb its calm blessing as much as you can.

Once the third eye is fully open, you can see into the astral world. Yogananda explains it like this: “If you could see with your spiritual eye you would see a rainbow of colors. The color scheme is so beautiful in the astral world. This world is ugly here, and a million angels are passing here right now and you don’t see them. We are all as blind as a bat. Because our eyes have been spoiled by gross light.”

And he adds: “ This [gross] light you see is the darkness. The greatest thing is this, that our sixth sense is the spiritual eye. The seat of the spiritual eye is right here between the two eyes. That is the eye that has not been opened. When you develop you can keep that eye open. It is like a tunnel, you can see through it.”

All the best to you in your exploration of the third eye. May you be able to gradually see through it and even move through it…toward the great light of God.

In divine friendship,

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