Why Does My Body Jerk During Meditation?


I have been meditating like normal the last few years, only this last week my body has been jolting all over the place. My arms will fly in the air my legs will kick in the air, my back is jolting back and forth. My body feels completely relaxed while this is happening. It kinda feels good. I feel like I have had a great meditation when I have finished. I am just curious as to what this is, have you had any experience of this yourself, or no of anyone as such?

—Patrick, Australia


Dear Patrick,

I have seen a lot, but this seems rather extreme. It might feel kind of good to you, but still, you should control it. Even the strongest kundalini awakening doesn’t jolt your legs and arms all around like that. You are giving in to some kind of mood, letting yourself be carried away with it. It would be more beneficial to keep your body steady and concentrate on that joyful energy within, which is prompting these movements. Don’t let it express outwardly, just feel the energy itself, inside. Guide that energy upward. That will take you to a deeper and better meditation.

My guess is that you might be enjoying these jolting experiences and that my suggestion sounds boring to you, but anyway, try it. It will turn out to be much more satisfying in the end.

In divine friendship,