India: trends in consciousness


Hi, I was just reading Indian news of the horrific rape/murder of an 8 year old Muslim girl. It seems these happen very often now (or at least, they are being reported more), along with much violence w/Hindu nationalists- I guess the Dwapara energies are creating tension in people’s minds and uprooting hidden vices; how long will it continue like this before society changes? Another 100 or so years? Sadly, India is slowly losing its good reputation and is turning far scarier as each day passes.

—Rush, USA



You’re observations are insightful. I think it is generally recognized by many that India is catching up to the materialism of the West and that it is a necessary (karmically, speaking) stage of its development and modernization. The fact that much of value in culture and consciousness is obscured (though not forever lost) seems to be the required price.

If you study the history of India, however, you will see that her underlying contribution and consciousness of spirituality (being called by many the “Guru of the planet Earth”) has always resurfaced and survived. Paramhansa Yogananda makes a statement to that affect somewhere in his autobiography (quoting the bible, “If ten righteous men can be found, the nation will be spared…..[paraphrase]).

Consider even Yogananda’s own line of masters back to Babaji; and, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda; Ananda Moyi Ma and so many others. What power and grace surely must be to protect India from completely losing her destiny and spiritual power.

In the meantime, however, the sordid consciousness of Kali Yuga (middle ages; tribalism; sexism; etc etc) will have to work its way up from the depths of tamas towards the rajas of Dwapara Yuga. The awakening consciousness that makes such crimes unacceptable also, as you point out, brings the incidents to public awareness. So it is a “both-and” equation. Perhaps more incidents but also perhaps greater awareness through modern media.

Have you visited India (yet)? I highly encourage you to consider one of the many Ananda pilgrimages. There you will find the soul of India remains just beneath the surface of their race towards the 21st century (and the “good, bad and ugly”).

I, for one, remain optimistic that India will continue to lead humanity in its affirmation of our eternal Oneness in God.

Blessings to you,

Nayaswami Hriman