I know and believe that our goal is to merge with and dissolve into God, in perfect Oneness. Still, I have this deep-seeded, powerful desire to feel this unique individual that I currently am be loved and appreciated. It’s a real ache inside. I guess I feel that God sees this self of mine as just an obstacle to be worn down. So I keep turning to fellow humans for that love, acceptance & appreciation, with the predictably, painfully inconsistent results.

Common problem, yes? Yet how to let go?

—Vikiirna Wenzel, United States


You have a very thoughtful and insightful question. Actually, God doesn’t mind our uniqueness and individuality. It seems almost a contradiction that the more we merge into God and take on His likeness the more our individual being shines out. Devotees that have been on the spiritual path for awhile can be quite ‘quirky’ and even unusual. God did give each soul a certain role and a particular ‘song’ to sing. He enjoys watching each of us emerge. When we meditate and quiet all the restlessness, a truer part of who we are comes forth. Sometimes it seems living in this world we are just a reflection of it. But through inner stillness you will find a sense of self that is our own and not our influences. Also, one of the best ways to learn how to love God and ourselves is through others. It seems correct to want love, respect, and appreciation from others. It’s being attached to that feedback that is the drawback. Try to remember that others love and appreciation is coming through them from God. Mentally forgive all disappoints and then give that to God to purify. God bless you and He will give you the guidance and help you need if you keep your open heart!