Is God a Creation of One’s Mind?


I grew up into a hindu family worshiping photographs and idols of deities but now i find no sense in this because i think everything i pursue is an creation of my mind and god is also a creation of my mind.

So my question is if the true nature of mind is to be empty then why should we worship idols and photographs of deities which are nothing but an illusion.

—A mind, India


Dear A Mind,

You have indicated you believe God is only a creation of your mind and thus it seems pointless to worship sacred photographs and idols because you believe they are only illusions.

The nature of the spiritual path is to seek Truth. Are you willing to investigate further the reality of God, Holy photographs and idols?

If you are willing to investigate further, I suggest you read the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda.

Feel free to contact me again after you have read the book.

In Divine Friendship.