Is He the One?


There’s this guy: I heard he likes me, and I eventually ended up liking him back. But this connection had always seemed to me, in my guts, that it could be something deeper. We’ve liked each other in silence for almost a year, but my question is regarding the universe’s doings. The past few months, I ran into him 4 or 5 times. He is literally the most person I run into this entire time. Also, I keep seeing or hearing his name. I am wondering if the universe is bringing him up, if so, what for?

—Maria, Canada


Dear Maria,

Sounds like “something is trying to happen.” As the counsel given by Swami Kriyananda for intuition in general, why not take a step or two in that direction and see where it leads. Maybe you would meet together or otherwise begin some conversations and just see where it goes. Maybe he’s an “old friend” from a past life, and all that is trying to happen is to reconnect and even, potentially, bring some past business to closure!

Or maybe it’s the beginning of a true and lasting friendship. The main thing is this: take one step at a time, slowly and calmly. Because in love and romance there is an initial flurry of various emotions, taking your time is a good investment in your own health and emotional well-being — and that of the other as well. A flame can be but a flash and then die out. So you want to be able to discern if there’s also the soul-fuel of friendship beneath the kindling! It’s very easy to be fooled by the subconscious mind. Affirm calmness and ask inwardly, repeatedly, for guidance at each step.

This is not to suggest overthinking the relationship as it develops. It’s a question of staying in touch with your own intuitive feeling. For that purpose, daily prayer and meditation are excellent. A wise friend to talk with is like sterling (hard to find but worth it).

It may help you at certain times to remind yourself that human love exists to help us refine our conditional, dependent human love so that in time we will turn towards seeking the perfect, unconditional love of God. As such, human love can never fully satisfy our heart’s longing for what our soul knows is perfect love.

May the Cupid of Soul-Friendship be your guide!
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA