Is It Possible to Become Enlightened on One’s Own?


I am completely overwhelmed with so many books and ancient texts and I have no teacher or guidance. I truly want to connect and to understand and find my way. Is it possible to be enlightened alone?

—Spiritual studies, Brasil


Dear Friend,

Thank you for your heartfelt question. This is a dilemma that many face in these confusing times!

When? How soon? Who? Where? What text or scripture to follow? These confusing questions are tests of faith. So it is best to show God our willingness to listen and receive the blessings of a real Guru when God sends him — even when we are in midst of doubt!

The real question is: “am I ready?” Any efforts on our part, God will multiply these efforts a hundredfold. He will continually give us the encouragement to not give up and keep up the search for truth.

Try offering your question into the inner understanding you already have in your heart in meditation. Finding your guru is a matter of listening in the heart. Pray earnestly for the answer.

Also, it is the greatest blessing in the three worlds to have a guru. The blessings, help, and grace that come from the connection of a self-realized guru are immeasurable. All souls can make progress on the spiritual path, but that Divine help given by your guru, in the end, will be needful.

Although inspiration can help us through books and teachers, it will be necessary to be a disciple of a God-given guru to make that progress and reach the enlightenment you are referring to.

Lastly, remember that following a guru means discipline as a “disciple.” Whatever guru is given to you, follow with rigorous discipline and, also, love. Practice firmly what is given with love. Love will be the key. Work at developing devotion in whatever way comes natural to your soul: for example, walking in nature, chanting devotion songs, listening to inspiring words. Intellectually trying to find the right path only adds to more confusion.

God just wants you to love Him. Try to love God all the more when doubts are coming to mind. If you love God to the best of your ability, regardless of any doubts or faults, He will be there with His love and will send the answer, exactly designed for you.

Many blessings on your efforts.

Joy to you,
Nayaswami Hassi