Is My Spiritual Eye Opening?


Hello, and thank you for this service.

When I put my focus on being consciousness I feel my anahata (heart chakra) energies very clearly, like a cool breeze flowing through my chest. But lately I’ve been doing some extra yoga exercises, simple ones. Afterwards they give me a good feeling. But since that time I’ve started seeing things like bright stars in the night sky disappearing (not satellites or airplanes), and everything vibrating while my eyes are not twitching. Could this be the ajna (spiritual eye) opening? Thank you.

—Stephan Sol, The Netherlands


Dear Stephan,
Your anahata/heart experience is wonderful, something you may intensify through meditating on it.

The bright stars disappearing, and everything vibrating, is probably a sign that your inner energies are indeed rising, stimulating the spiritual eye. That is a good sign, but doesn’t mean the ajna chakra is opening. The open ajna chakra is a very high and blissful state, in which you perceive things in a truly superconscious way, are able to see into the astral world, and behold the One Spirit behind matter. Anyway, what you are feeling is good.

You may practice this visualisation by Swami Kriyananda, which may help you to gradually open your spiritual eye.

As you concentrate at the point between the eyebrows, visualize there a tunnel of golden light. Mentally enter that tunnel, and feel yourself surrounded by a glorious sense of happiness and freedom. As you move through the tunnel, feel yourself bathed by the light until all worldly thoughts disappear.
After soaring through the tunnel, visualize before you a curtain of deep violet-blue light. Pass through that curtain into another tunnel of deep, violet-blue light. Feel the light surrounding you. Slowly, the tunnel walls disappear in blue light. Expand your consciousness into that light — into infinite freedom and bliss. Now there is no tunnel. There is only the all-encompassing blueness and bliss of infinity.
At last, visualize before you a silvery-white, five-pointed star of light. Mentally spread out your arms and legs, assuming with your body the shape of that star. Give yourself to it in body, mind, and soul as you surrender every thought, every feeling to absolute, Self-existing Bliss.
Bliss cascades gently over you, like a waterfall of mist, filling your heart with ineffable peace.

All the best,