Is Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) Enough?


hi co god my doubt is will aana pana meditation which lord buddha done will this reduces or decline our past karma and will make us zero balance in our karma sheet because i would like to destroy my past karma not only past karma all the bad karmas which i done in my previous births and from my souls initial birth to this birth that is now .my aim is to detox or reduce my total karma will aaana paana meditation that is just to focus on our normal birth which is comes inside and outside works?



Dear Friend,

No spiritual effort is ever lost, so says Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. A yogi who dies without having attained liberation will be reborn into circumstances conducive to continuing those efforts, Krishna goes on to say. Krishna extols the superior merits of yoga practice over asceticism or book learning.

However, no technique of bodily or mental discipline alone can free us from the wheel of samsara (delusion). We can balance out and erase past bad karma, but the nature of human existence is that it is ever-changing. Sooner or later we will be drawn outward again to seek our fulfillment through the senses and through the world.

What is needed in addition to our sadhana is devotion to the Supreme Lord! Though Lord Buddha did not speak of God, per se, it was only because he wanted people to make the right effort first. But self-offering to the Supreme Spirit is ever the path to liberation, and our effort in that regard will draw to us one who can uplift us by the power of transcendent grace: the guru.

So YES: your practices can free you from past bad karma. But in addition to this, “lift your eyes unto the hills from whence cometh the Lord!” Offer your heart’s natural love and devotion to the Giver and Creator of Life! See in all things: your sadhana, your family, friends, nature and all people the One in an infinity of forms. Therefore discipline not only the body and mind but open your heart to God (Iswara), the Spirit.

Blessings and joy to you,
Nayaswami Hriman