Is Someone Doing Something to Me?


Lately, I am unable to see my way or keep a job. I think someone is doing something to me. My fiancé has a child with a girl whom he claims he has no dealings with. Is he being honest with me? Also, what can I do to make things better in my life and block all evil and bad energy that is out to harm me?

—Filisha, Trinidad


Dear Filisha,

There are always going to be obstacles, difficulties, or people who think negatively about us. Our tendency then is to point fingers at these people or situations, blaming them for any negative events in our lives.

Spiritually speaking, the fact is that you as an invincible soul, do not need to worry at all about who is doing what. Instead, what you need to do is pull out your innate energy and strength to make your life work. That energy also creates magnetism. It will attract to you possibilities, help, and opportunities.

In other words, don’t find fault in the ex-girlfriend of your fiancé who might or might not be doing something to you. You are not a weak being. You can’t be harmed if you pull out your potential as a child of God. Yogananda used to say: “Danger and I were born together, but I am more dangerous than danger.”

How to pull out your divine “dangerous” and invincible potential? Practice Yogananda’s Energization Exercises very powerfully (you can find them on YouTube) feeling that you fill yourself with divine power that enters you through the medulla oblongata. Then meditate, daily, contacting your soul and the Divine Presence. Pray for heavenly assistance. If you do that, your life will certainly change. Life isn’t working right now because it is asking you to do something, to change something. So practice the above techniques, and change your mindset: “I am strong in myself. Nothing can stop my progress.”

Is your fiancé being honest with you? If not, it will become clear to you in time. But again, look at yourself. If he isn’t, it is a karma which you yourself have created in the past: you weren’t honest at some point, and now you are getting the result. This means for you to resolve firmly that never ever you will be dishonest with any person, especially with a close person. Otherwise, it will happen to you again and again.

You will also be able to keep your job if you do the right things. It is not any outer circumstance which can stop you. Believe in yourself, and start the proper practices to manifest your true Self. A wonderful adventure is waiting for you: your Self is divine.

In God-Friendship,