How Do You Know When Your Kundalini is Awakening?


Does awakening kundalini feel like a snake moving upward around the spine in spiral form, or it is due to the energy creating magnetic fields around my spine which feels like a snake moving around? I have been experiencing a snake-like upward movement around the spine, very consciously moving in millimeters around the spine, and then a cold current or ants moving upward in the spine. Again it feels like something holding the spine very firmly right below the neck after every meditation. How can I move it to the third eye to achieve oneness?

—Sonu, India


Dear Sonu,

Kundalini awakening is a very powerful surge, so strong that you can hardly stand it. It throws you into ecstasy. It is the cosmic current.

What you are experiencing are “messengers,” or first signs of kundalini rising. Actually it’s not yet kundalini, as kundalini rises straight up in the Sushumna like a bullet. The circular movement you are describing is the energy moving in Ida and Pingala, which moves around the Sushumna.

That energy can be felt in many different ways, as cold, warm, tickling, ants, pressure, and so on.  You raise that energy to the third eye by devotion and by concentrating there.

All the best. Enjoy your inner awakening.