Is the Third Eye a Black Dot One Sees in the Forehead? Does it Produce Lucid Dreams?


Is the third eye a black dot that just kind of floats in the middle of your vision, similar to the ones worn on the forehead by the people in India? And do you experience vivid lucid dreams when it’s activated?

—Esoteric, United States


Dear Esoteric,

The third eye, when it’s not seen clearly, can appear in various ways, also as a moving dot. What you see is, in other words, not yet really the spiritual eye. You are seeing a first little sign.

The real spiritual eye is a deep blue round field, surrounded by a golden halo, with a white five-pointed star in the middle.

The fact that you see that black dot moving, however, indicates that some energy is rising in your spine. That energy can at times produce vidid dreams at night. It would be better, however, if that extra energy, which is now expressing in your dreams, would be channeled in meditation to the third eye, by deep concentration. Try it. Sit still, focus your vision on the “liberating spiritual eye.” In this way you stimulate superconsciousness.

And yes, the dot on the forehead (“bindi”) which they use in India is a symbol for the third eye. Yogananda describes it in his Autobiography of a Yogi: “This omniscient eye is variously referred to in scriptures as the third eye, the star of the East, the inner eye, the dove descending from heaven, the eye of Shiva, the eye of intuition, etc.”

Joy to you,