Is There a Fixed Number of Souls?



I have a question about reincarnation and human population on Earth. How can one explain an exponential growth in human population and a number of souls? Is there a fixed number of souls? Or one soul can be reborn in many human beings? Or there are human beings without a soul? Thank you in advance for your response.


—Elena, Canada


Dear Elena,

I really don’t know how God does it all. Everything has the consciousness of God. Without God’s consciousness there would be nothing existing. The soul is apart of His consciousness so I do think this means all humans have souls. Yogananda hasn’t said that there are a certain number of souls manifested. He has said that greatly aware souls can reincarnate in many bodies. This is mentioned in his wonderful autobiography, Autobiography of a Yogi.

Swami Kriyananda said in his book, The New Path, that souls do not always reincarnate on this planet alone, that there are many planets souls go to. Therefore, we cannot count souls even when there is an large growth.

Ultimately it is best not to worry about matters that we have no control over. It’s fun and entertaining, but will not greatly improve our own spiritual development. Dive deep into meditating on God alone and at the end of your soul’s growth, answers will come to all your questions.

Joy to you, Seva