Is Will-Power a Key to Telepathy?


These days I am trying telepathy. I have seen that when I send telepathic messages after doing something challenging, the message surely reaches the person. But when I am in my comfort zone, my telepathy is not successful. I think this might have something to do with will power. Maybe doing something challenging is increasing my will power, which is making my telepathy powerful. Is my thinking right? I want some insights. What really is will power? What has will to do with telepathy?

—Gopal Pandey, India


Dear Gopal,
You are perfectly right: it is will-power which projects thoughts in telepathy. The stronger the will, the stronger the flow of thought.

Yogananda explains in his Autobiography of a Yogi that our mind can be operated like a radio: we can learn to receive thoughts with it (by developing subtle receptivity through calm feeling), and to send thoughts. The key in sending, as you said, is will power.

Yogananda says in the chapter The Cauliflower Robbery: “By his powerful will, Master was also a human broadcasting station, and had successfully directed the peasant to reverse his steps and go to a certain room for a single cauliflower.”

In the same book he gives you some hints for your practice of telepathy: “The will, projected from the point between the eyebrows, is known by yogis as the broadcasting apparatus of thought. When the feeling is calmly concentrated on the heart, it acts as a mental radio, and can receive the messages of others from far or near. In telepathy the fine vibrations of thoughts in one person’s mind are transmitted through the subtle vibrations of astral ether and then through the grosser earthly ether, creating electrical waves which, in turn, translate themselves into thought waves in the mind of the other person.”

You ask: “What really is will power”? Yogananda defines it in a very interesting way: “Will = desire + energy, directed toward fulfilment.”

This explains your experience that a challenge made your telepathy work better. Your desire, probably due to urgency, was more strongly stimulated and you really had a desire it to make it happen.

Keep going. The great Masters in the Himalayas, so I was told, are all telepathically connected, just as Yogananda was with his Master, Sri Yukteswar. In the Autobiography of a Yogi we read: “About eight-thirty on Wednesday morning, a telepathic message from Sri Yukteswar flashed insistently to my mind: ‘I am delayed; don’t meet the nine o’clock train.’”

In the astral world, after death, we all communicate in this way. In the same book Yogananda explains: “Communication among the astral inhabitants is held entirely by astral telepathy and television; there is none of the confusion and misunderstanding of the written and spoken word which earth-dwellers must endure.”

And even here on earth, in higher ages, such as Treta Yuga, we will all communicate telepathically. Fun! Again in his Autobiography Yogananda points out: “The 3600-year period of Treta Yuga will start in A.D. 4100; its age will be marked by common knowledge of telepathic communications and other time-annihilators.”

So good luck with your telepathic explorations. May they become successful.

All the best,