I’ve Fallen in Love with a Married Woman


I fell in love with a married woman of my age. She is not happy in her marriage. After one month of relationship, I got to know that she was also talking to my friend but she has hidden this from me. now she is saying that he used to blackmail her. Again we are back together and more closed. recently she said she never had sex with her husband in the last 3 years of marriage but they did foreplay. She is saying she will die if I won’t accept her. My mother already denied this. What to do now?

—Anonymous, India


Dear Rahul,

It sounds messy to me. Between talking to your friend without telling you, between the prospect of being blackmailed, between cheating on her husband, between emotional “blackmail” (“I will die if….”), I’d say you are asking for a boatload of trouble and pain! If I were you I’d “run for the hills!”

Maybe it’s time to find a more mature woman who is free from such complicated relationships and intense emotions!

While you’re running as fast as you can, I’d be praying, too. Meditation would help you clarify and calm your own feelings and open up intuition to guide you towards an appropriate partner and friendship.

Maybe the intensity of this person (and others) gives to you a sense of energy and a “high,” but it is probably “straw-fire,” which means, it won’t last and worse than that, it will backfire in time towards boredom, disgust, anger, resentment and/or self-loathing. Not fun.

Ask Divine Mother to show you the way towards harmony and wisdom. Okay? I do wish you well for I suspect you might be trapped and not even know it. Om guru!

Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA