Job / Career


Do I apply for the job which has come up in my neighbouring team? It is part time not full time.

—Ashley, Scotland


Dear Ashley,

It would be helpful to have more details about this job.

By the word “team” did you mean “town” or by the word “neighboring” did you mean a rival or competing company?

I would guess that you are out of work and in need of a job, and that this opportunity is not close, but no too far, but is part-time.

If I am correct in my assumptions, my suggestion is to apply for the job on the simple but important basis of energy. Get some energy moving and it will attract more energy and magnetism.

Those who sit and wait for the perfect job rarely ever get it. An available job may be the first step towards the next step!

As Swami Kriyananda would say, “Say YES to life!”


Blessings and joy you!
Nayaswami Hriman