Kriya Training


In Autobiography of a Yogi, I read that PY taught Mahatma Gandhi Kriya Yoga. Surely it was taught instantly to him, which currently now takes an year after going through the energization exercises and Hong Sau. And there are several others whom he taught Kriya Yoga spot on. So why can’t I receive Kriya Yoga initiation without going through one one year?

—Rounak, India


Dear Friend,

Let me start with a little humor! “When you achieve the consciousness of Mahatma Gandhi, we can promise you that you can have kriya initiation right away!”

It is true that Yogananda (and no doubt others of his stature or those authorized and possessing demonstrated attunement), have made exceptions. But keep in mind that for the training of students, the kriya training cycle was begun by none other than Yogananda himself.

At Ananda we follow the basic pattern that he, himself, established. Our various centers may differ as to details as some have more intensive training than others; some have to serve the needs of others who can only come for brief periods; and now we have training online. But in general the pattern remains the same.

The average person who is not Mahatma Gandhi or even otherwise does not clearly possess a deeper attunement with this Ray, our gurus, or the kriya path, time and practice is needed to refine the brain and nervous system for receiving kriya initiation both in the right spirit and sufficiently prepared mentally and in terms of daily habits.

Yes, I sometimes wish we could go more quickly but I have trained hundreds for kriya and find that even the time and practice we require is all too often not enough.

In this day of universal education and all is on the internet, some chaff at having to do the work required. But in former times, very few sought or were accepted by gurus for training.

I could add finally, that the waiting and practice and training period gives us and the student an opportunity to demonstrate his or her commitment (and patience, too!)

Be of good cheer; have faith, for the guru only wants to serve your soul’s needs.

In joy,
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA