Kriya Yoga and the Chakras


Thank u so much for ur valuable answer.i want to ask what is this technique of sending pranic energy to all the chakras...... I hv no knowledge of kriya yoga...i could see the light on third eye chakra much before i saw some videos about kriya yoga on you tube...all i know about kriya yoga is that they concentrate on head n spine n all that about concentrating on head to toe n some charging techniques... This is all we can see on you tube. What about sending pranic energy to all the chakras...

—Kkserene, India


Dear Kkserene,

Paramhansa Yogananda’s path of Kriya Yoga contains many techniques of meditation and ways of making changes your attitudes and the way you live your life in every moment of every day.

As far as the chakras are concerned, practicing Kriya Yoga is not so much a matter of sending pranic energy to them, but rather purifying the chakras by sending prana or life-force through them, thus allowing them to function fully, as they were designed to function, as part of a direct inner pathway to freedom and oneness with God.

If you wish to learn these techniques through Ananda Sangha, we will be happy to help you do that. It is highly advisable to learn about teachings, techniques, and the path Kriya Yoga directly from qualified Kriya Yoga teachers, rather than indirectly, or perhaps even incorrectly, from something like the internet or YouTube. Please contact this website, which is a part of Ananda Sangha in India for guidance on how to do exactly that.