What Does Kundalini Do to the Body?


I used to meditate with a mantra (trascendental meditation). Years ago while meditating my lower spine was vigorously shaken and this rose up to my neck. This experience took place several times for a week or so. the energy shaking my spine was indeed very strong. Do you have an explanation for this?

—furio tonet, italy


Dear Furio,

From your note may I assume these experiences stopped or that you stopped meditating.

I would presume that you were experiencing a rapid and uncontrolled rise of kundalini energy up the spine. Please keep in mind that the term “kundalini” is simply that – a term. The rising of prana (life force) in the spine would be just as valid a description as kundalini. There’s no point getting stuck on the terminology at this point.

Assuming no medical issues are/were involved, the simplest explanation is as per above: a rapid and uncontrolled awakening of prana in the astral spine. The question becomes then, “What does this mean?” Most likely it has no specific meaning except that for some karmic reason related to your meditation practice this experience was triggered. It doesn’t mean that all meditators using TM mantra meditation have this experience. It need not be related to any particular meditation technique.

The real questions are more like: Was this pleasant? Scary? Hurtful? Was there a burning sensation? Or was it cool?

All of us have an astral body and some have specific experiences of the astral energies which, while more subtle and more spiritually awake in general, are otherwise neutral according to one’s intention and consciousness in receiving the experience.

In your description of your experience, one person might be lifted into a devotional or superconscious state; another might be frightened; another might simply “go for a ride and say WOW!”

While I cannot speak from experience with TM, I can say that on the path of Kriya Yoga as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda I know of hundreds, perhaps a thousand or two, who practice Kriya and never have experiences where they lose control. It’s not that they are IN control, but rather their spiritual experiences seem natural and organic, even if superbly blissful.

Generally speaking, if your experience was not frightening or hurtful, I would say that absent more information, you were perfectly safe. If you continue your meditation it might be helpful to have some personal guidance. Ananda has a major center, community, and retreat near Assisi, Italy (www.Ananda.it) and one of our acharyas there can perhaps be helpful to you.

It is very possible that this experience will not happen again. It is also possible that this experience was the beginning of a deeper spiritual awakening. Personal guidance from an experienced meditator, should these return to you, is essential. OK?

Blessings and Joy to You!
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA