Law of Attraction


Does Law of attraction actually work?Are there any other cosmic laws like this one?

—Sukhmandeep Singh, India


Dear Friend,

The “Law of Attraction” is a direct consequence of the very warp and woof of the universe: duality (or polarity). God became the universe through an illusion: the pendulum swap of opposites gives the appearance of their reality. Heat, cold, love, hate, male, female …. “He made them.” (Genesis/Bible).

You cannot have the awareness of “heat” without something not heat to measure it by. Chemically, electromagnetically, and otherwise in all aspects of matter and energy, the opposites have an intrinsic relationship. By the time creation evolves the human species (with divine intervention, apparently, or so Paramhansa Yogananda and other great saints have taught), the complexity of relationships between opposites has mushroomed into a universe of karma and reincarnation the likes of which would boggle the mere human mind.

So, yes there are other “laws.” Principally, the law of karma and its corollary, reincarnation. There are other aspects as well, including the soul’s steady call to awaken to the illusion if this, God’s dream universe. There is also, of course, the pull toward greater illusion, or darkness: maya (the satanic force).

Beyond these lies an endless array of forces such as gravitation, time, space, electromagnetism and on and on.

There is a chant which, translated into English, includes the phrase “prana is the wishing tree” and “let pranayam be thy religion.” We say in English, also, that “love makes the world go round.” It would be more correct to say that “desire [love and hate (or fear)] makes the world go round.” But this points to the power of imagination and desire to manifest, just as God has manifested the creation.

In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali he makes it clear that meditation on any object will reveal its basic nature. In the world of plants, the great botanist George Washington Carver said “If you love it enough, it will reveal its secrets.”

So, yes the law of attraction is a powerful force taken together with the power of mind to concentrate; with the power of will to act; and the power of feeling to experience emotions. But as the ancient folk tales warn us when the “genie” pops out of the bottle (of our wishing), “Better be careful what you wish for!”

Countless incarnations the soul roams in the illusion of maya-desire. There are souls who even at the end of a day of Brahma (billions of years) are still wandering in delusion.

If, therefore, you consciously employ concentration, will, intelligence, and feeling to get what you want, you may be sorry or at least disappointed, if not hurt or traumatized. Nurture the “desire” for God; for truth; nurture devotion to know God; to be free. Act in this world like a saint, free from desire and seeking only to do good at the bidding of divine guidance. All else is maya. All else creates more complex webs of karma and reincarnation.

Jai guru!
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA