Light During Meditation


when i was doing mantra japa, after some time everything in front of me became yellow(bright and shining) i realized there were no emotions i opened my eyes and that broke the concentration because of excitement probably, i don’t know what it is and this doubt has been with me since that day and i wasn’t able to enter into that state again,please guide me.

—Ramchandra Naik, India


What a wonderful Blessing you had in that Meditation. God often gives us those to help inspire and keep us steadfast. I do know that seeing a Light in meditation is harder than hearing a sound. Also, you are exactly right that your ‘excitement’ made you restless and the ‘vision’ extinguished. But, I do believe, with continued devotion, at some point, when least expected, another Blessing of that uplifting nature will come. Non-attachment is, of course, necessary. Don’t long for the vision, long only for more devotion to God. Quite often, a truer indication of God contact is more calmness and peace within and the ability to hold onto that throughout the day.