Live Free of Regret


I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I searched but couldn’t find a surgeon in my city who I felt confident about. I found a surgeon in another city whom I liked & flew to have my surgery with him. The surgery went fine without complications. After I returned to my city I came to know of a great surgeon in my own city who I feel is better than the one who did my surgery. I felt deep regret & feel it was my failure. But my sister says I had my surgery where i was destined to.What is your opinion

—Arjun, India



Even great surgeons have bad days, so consider yourself as having been guided to the best solution for your needs. Let go, as best and as soon as you can, any regrets and take your sister’s excellent advice! Besides, there are excellent surgeons in all fields and there’s no reason to feel your surgery was anything less than a great success! Jai guru! Rejoice!

Nayaswami Hriman