Location of the Point of Kutastha


How can you locate the correct point of the Kutastha? How can you avoid eyeball movement?

—Damodar Satapathy, India


Thank you for your question!

There is no location for the Kutastha or spiritual eye or Christ Consciousness. It is light that goes out from the deep astral spine through the medulla to the spiritual eye and is seen in the front of the forehead during meditation. Also, known as the prefrontal lobe of the brain which is ‘the point between the eyebrows.’ This light can appear as close or far or it may be that you don’t see it at all for a time.

It is best to first (with eyes opened) to look out and up, as if beyond the horizon and then hold your arm out with your hand in a fist with the thumb upward. Look at the thumb just to focus on something. Place your gaze a few inches above that horizon line. Imagine a mountain peak a few inches above that horizon. Then close your eyes and hold them there. Be sure there is no forced strain for the physical eyes. Consciously relax your eyes. That relaxation should assist in stopping the movement of the eyeballs. If your eyes move, just go back to focusing on your breathing. The eyes will eventually cooperate.

Most of all always invite God’s presence and blessings into your meditations. In the language of your heart, offer your love and devotion. You may want to affirm mentally: “Thy Light flows into me; I am filled with peace.”

He will guide you and help you as you move toward refining your meditation techniques.

Many Blessings on your efforts.