Longing for Divine Mother


Hello. Please tell me how I can connect to Divine Mother. I am already doing some advanced meditations. But i want to connect to her. Please help?

—Petals, India


What a beautiful desire to want to be closer to Divine Mother! The longing for Divine Mother will surely bring Her to you. As the opening of your heart becomes clearer and deeper so will the fulfillment you seek. Since you do meditate already you are doing the best thing. After meditation, sit for as long as you can and in the language of your heart ask for the blessings of Her presence and love. Give, from your heart, your love and gratitude. She can’t resist a true call of love from Her devotee. Be like the naughty baby that is not pacified by the distracting things of this world but wants only the attention of the Mother. It is a special blessing for any devotee to strive for that connection. Keep your mind on the Divine Mother all day. This will build your magnetism to draw Her presence in your heart. You can develop your magnetism by inwardly chanting Her name, doing affirmations, reading uplifting books on saints and noble deeds, listening to recordings and talks. You can find all these tools to help you, too, on the www.ananda.org.

Most of all make Divine Mother part of all you do. Include Her in all your actions, thoughts, decisions, joys, successes, all trials and tests, hold Her very close in mind and heart, talk to Her and ask for Her guidance in your life. That way She remains the nearest of the near and dearest of the dear for you always. Many Blessings on your efforts.