Loss of a Loved One


My mother aged 86 had a fall on Dec 31.

She had surgery on Jan 12 , was released from the hospital in Feb 6 , battled pain , dementia and delirium in Feb , March April . She passed away during a routine hospital visit , because if caregiver incompetence , they had been feeding her in the horizontal position , despite my having bought a hospital bed .

I feel guilty for not having supervised the caregivers properly

I am grief stricken , keep waiting for a sign from her. She passed on April 25.

—Ravi Rebbapragada, India


Feelings of intense sadness are very real when a loved one passes. When Yoganandaji’s mother passed he was un-consolable. We can never seem to fully understand why a love one’s passing happens as it does. The mind does seem to go to guilt and sometimes said to be one of the stages of grieve. But try to feel in your heart your mother’s consciousness as you pray for her. Prayers sent to the astral plane for someone is very helpful and powerful for that soul. I am sure she does want you to know she is happy and that everything unfolded perfectly as was supposed to. There is such freedom from the body for the soul after death. Your mother passed very recently and your being can and will heal by listening in your heart. If you have a meditation practice or just a simple breathing technique that will help you to feel inwardly in your heart the peace that your mother is experiencing now. Lastly, ask for God’s help in this. Blessings.