Magnetic Power of Friendship


I don't have good relations with anyone in my life. I don't have friends and people whom I can share my feelings with. My mother and brother cause lots of problems for me. A few weeks ago I was crying, as i was upset, and since then whenever they are angry they repeatedly tell me, "you are a depressed person, go and cry somewhere!" I know they are immature souls and are teaching me patience, but now i can't handle anymore. I want to go away from this place. I'm not doing my spiritual practice from 5 months.

—Petals, India


Dear Petals,

So sorry to hear of your difficulties. There are ways to adjust and change your present reality! These words of Paramhansa Yogananda are a great beginning to understanding some basic new mindsets:

“To have friends, you must manifest friendliness. If you open the door to the magnetic power of friendship, a soul or souls of like vibrations will be attracted to you. You attract those who are like you. That is the law of vibration. The more friendly you become toward all, the greater will be the number of your real friends.”

True friendship consists in being mutually useful, in offering your friends good cheer in distress, sympathy in sorrow, advice in trouble and material help in time of real need. True friendship gladly foregoes selfish pleasures or self-interest for the sake of a friend’s happiness, without consciousness of sacrifice and without counting the cost.

You may have to learn patience and keep your distance as best you can, especially with the family members that are such a difficulty to you. Your calm resistance can reflect back to others any of their inappropriate and unsupportive type of behavior. Be silent with the behavior and yet be inwardly strong. This way you maintain a dignity and respect with others. Try to remain in your center with these hurts. It is never too late to change your reaction to the difficult circumstances. It is not likely you will change others, only yourself.

Please do not give up your practice of meditation. That tool is the greatest help that you have available to you. Reach out to God and He will be your main support. Also, in your meditation in the language of your heart, with self offering and love ask God to be with you in your life. He will help, guide and bless you. Always pray for those who are in your life. Here is a video on how to ‘change the brain’ and change your life!

Many Blessings in your efforts,

Nayaswami Hassi