Make God Your Constant Companion


I am a student. My academic engagements require me often to spend extra hours in night to maintain a qualitative performance. However, I rigorously follow the maxim of being to bed at a fixed time. I fear that a slight disruption in my normal life and spiritual practices will take me away from God. But what should I do ? Lord Krishna advises in Gita to follow moderation in sleeping, eating and all activities. Despite the best of my efforts, I have not been able to see work as sacrament/yajna.

—Ashu, India


Dear Ashu,

Consider making God your constant companion all day. As your life is very busy and there is necessary dharma that needs attending, keep God with you in the silence of your heart all day. Then when the time for spiritual practices comes He is already present with you. Constant remembrance throughout the day will bring His presence clearer and stronger at meditation time.

How to do that?

The surest way to succeed at your work and studies is by doing everything with God, and for God, and because of God. That connection will help keep the body, mind and soul balanced and clear. You will begin to replace worry, fear and negative thoughts with positive and uplifted thoughts and actions.

Talk to God as you would talk to a loved one or friend. As you move from activity to activity ask God, “What’s next”, or “What do you think?” You will find you are developing an open-ended conversation, and God will answer you. In developing that trust, as between good friends, the door is held opened for guidance and direction. You may even discover more efficient ways to relax into work, study and meditation.

The dedication you have, and aspire to, will always hold you to the path. You will not lose your direct connection to God in your work, duties and commitments. In the language of your heart ask for God to bless and guide all you do. He is there for you and waiting for you to ask. Ask Him to give you strength. Be sure to learn to listen to His whispers in your heart.

Your life will become blessed, and you will be energized to do all you need to accomplish and you will find fulfillment on the deepest levels!

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Hassi