How May I Hear the Voice of God?


How can I contact God and hear voice of God? Actually there are a lot of questions roaming inside of me as I’m progressing spiritually. but i want to go in more detail. I want to find out the source of everything. I want to find out where does sun get its heat energy from, what’s it’s source, and how was it created, and many more things. So please provide guidance on how can i connect with God and hear his voice speak to me. Thanks

—Buddha, India


Dear Buddha,

God does have a voice. You can hear it through your own intuition, which is best developed through deep meditation, and also through listening to the “sound of God” which is called the AUM (Om).

In the beginning, the meditator may hear may many different sounds, but AUM is heard eventually in the form of a loud, roaring, bursting ocean sound. With continuing practice and the grace of God and Gurus, this sound/vibration forms itself into understandable words and will answer all your questions.

There is a wonderful quotation: “Prayer is talking with God. Meditation is listening for the answer.” To receive the answers, you must first quiet your restless mind through your continuous practice of effective meditation techniques, such as those of Yogananda’s Kriya Yoga.

God’s voice is best heard in the silence of your own soul. Once you begin to experience and connect with that deep inner silence and with AUM, then all your questions will be answered.