Does Meditation Open the Third Eye?


I’ve been practicing meditation from last 10 years on and off with different methods, and finally doing on third eye nowadays. Felt twitching in eyes and movement even any time in a day and in meditation going in tunnel with bright lights. Now I’m scared doing further without guidance as I read online that doing meditation without guidance by yourself can be misleading. Please guide me how can I further advance in meditation? Doing the same chakra or move to other chakra.

—Jyoti, USA


Dear Jyoti,

It sounds like you have a committed meditation practice and are ready for guidance on next steps in meditation technique. Concentration at the third or spiritual eye is part of our meditation practice at Ananda. The tunnel and bright light that you see may be part of seeing the ‘third eye’ chakra. Twitching and eye movement reflects some excess tension around your eyes. Normally when we see aspects of a chakra in meditation we are very relaxed and also deeply concentrated.

Yogananda brought simple and universal techniques of meditation, and I encourage you to take a look to see if you would like to learn them. There is an excellent 10-week online Ananda Course in Meditation course. You will learn the foundation principles of meditation and the Hong-Sau meditation technique. There is a lot of opportunity for group meditation practice, online classes, and opportunities for discussion with the teachers. You can enroll here. This course is offered several times throughout the year. There is a free Learn to Meditate mini-course which you can access online here.

I hope you will be able to take advantage of one of these opportunities to deepen your practice.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti