Meditation and Moods


As we meditate we feel happy but after some time after meditating I feel angry , negative thoughts comes this is different for everyone .

Is this happens because I am new to meditation ?

Will this happen every time after I meditate ?

It will go slowly or become lesser and lesser as i meditate for some days or months ?

Can any one guide me for this

—dhruv ganotra, India


Dear friend, Dhruv,

Yes, you are correct: these moods and inexplicable negative feelings that come to you are part of the purification process. Meditation can stir up past or suppressed emotions in the beginning, but as your meditation practice each day gets deeper and calmer, and as you open your mind and heart to “superconsciousness” (the divine presence as your own soul, a reflection of the Infinite Spirit), these waves (“vrittis”) will begin to subside (to dissolve).

How long does this take? That is impossible to say: depth of your meditation; the grace of God and guru; and especially more than anything, your own past karma and tendencies (samskaras).

This is one of several good reasons why nonattachment even to the results of meditation is so important. This teaching, given to us by Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, is called “nishkam karma”: action without desire for the fruits (results) of action. It is the greatest key to success in the three worlds of material success, mental and emotional clarity and freedom, and soul awakening through meditation!

No matter what you do, whether in daily activity or daily meditation, give the results, give it all to God from whom this great drama of life is but His manifestation. God is the dreamer and we are part of the cosmic dream. Get in tune with the cosmic light show which manifests as joy, calmness, peace, wisdom, and energy and you will be free sooner than you can imagine.

Joy to you,
Swami Hrimananda!