Meditation and Worldly Activity


I meditate constantly day and night Aum in my mind wherever I am. Whenever I sleep and whenever I wake up, I think only of God and nothing else, Aum vibrates in my mind even when I am doing worldly activities. Now I have stopped enjoying all worldly comforts, everything now seems meaningless to me except him and he alone is worth company. Can you please tell me if I my path is correct since I can’t take a monastic life, I have to do my worldly duties as well. Will I attain liberation like this? Thank u!

—Kanishk, India


How wonderful for you that you are blessed with such devotion and love for God. And it sounds like meditation comes easily to you. One can never tell how close one is to liberation. But thinking only of God, as you do, leads to the goal. If you have worldly duties needing attention they are very necessary for the path to liberation too. If God has given you responsibilities they must be necessary and important to balance your search for God. Yogananda’s foremost women disciple, Sister Gyanamata, talked about balance on the path. She has said that what we do in the ‘cold light of day’ is as pleasing to God as our meditations if our attitude is willing and joyful. Our duties are meant to teach us those necessary attitudes for a balanced life. A monastic life isn’t a guarantee path to God. Doing what God gives us to do can take us to Him and be fulfilling because it is from Him. God bless you. He will guide you and help you in your direction if you ask Him.