What Is the High-Pitched Sound I Am Hearing in Meditation?


I have been meditating for the last two months and have undergone many significant changes. Now I always hear high-pitched sounds in my head. Is this related to brain waves? How can we access our subconscious mind by practicing meditation?

—Sreekanth S, INDIA


Dear Friend,

There are two questions in your note: first, is the high pitched sound you are hearing. That is not the result of meditation but it is unfortunately all too common for many people. There is a medical condition called “tinnitus” which is more or less the fact of “high pitched ringing in the ears.” It’s only a sound that you can hear, not other people. The causes of this ringing are many and varied. and medical science doesn’t really have a solution though the internet/YouTube offers all sorts of supposed remedies.

Second, as to the subconscious mind that’s larger topic. Why? Because the highest purpose behind meditation is not downward to the subconscious but upward to the superconscious mind (that is, the soul’s manifestation). That having been said, meditation helps us significantly to become more mindful and aware of our subconscious impulses, behaviors, and thoughts. So, in effect, what you are asking actually does happen from meditation.

The only difference is whether reaching to the subconscious is the intention behind meditation or simply the consequence. In general, it is more effective to use meditation to access and be open to superconsciousness because superconsciousness is the source of both the conscious and the subconscious.

The issue with attempting to enter the subconscious mind from the conscious mind is that the subconscious, by definition, is LESS conscious and thus one loses control.

I hope that makes sense. Beyond this explanation is the deeper reality of “tat twam asi” THOU ART THAT. Our true reality is that of the soul: ever eternal, joyful, conscious. Seek God first in the soul and all else will be revealed in time and as needed.

Joy to you!
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA