I focused upon crown chakras as well as other chakras just recently in meditation. After which I now am experiencing severe imbalance (vertigo) with episodes of vomiting and dizziness. It feels as if my body’s energy/balance has been altered and although the sensation is uncomfortable I have more clarity than I have ever had, feel happier and have a profound freedom. I don’t try to stop it per se, but go with it until the symptoms become manageable and I can compose myself. What is this?

—L M K, United States


Dear LMK,

I suggest you scale back your efforts as it sounds like you are pushing too hard and fast against the more natural and “organic” ability to absorb a more refined inner awareness than your nervous system can handle.

Psychic experiences achieved by will power alone will not be sustainable, in any case. The nature of higher, more subtle consciousness is independent of and not under the control of the ego-mind. Thus the effort to “conquer” or experience this higher state by ego-motivation alone creates a conflict that makes it impossible to sustain.

It is by the “upward relaxation into superconsciousness” (Awaken to Superconsciousness by Swami Kriyananda) that we achieve and approach the state of the soul in superconsciousness. Devotion to God; devotion to Truth by the sincere longing of the heart is the only way to achieve liberation and freedom from ego and suffering.

Even if initial efforts produce some results as you have described such vertigo after meditation, the middle path requires a sustained, if determined, effort balanced by surrender, self-offering, and acceptance.

So, for now, scale back until those symptoms subside. Work on developing devotion, inner peace, and deep relaxation through the various forms of yoga-meditation with an open heart. “Chanting is half the battle” Yogananda stated. I suggest a guide or mentor might be useful, though I don’t know where in US you live. Perhaps our Ananda site can suggest someone.

Blessings to you and may your soul soar upwards towards perfect freedom in God!

Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA

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