Meditation Experiences


What is the meaning of having a peppery sensation at the beginning of my eyes and immediately I pray it goes off it’s comes up in the evenings and mornings when I wake up and it goes out by itself and it comes up too when am praying

—Benedicta, South Africa


Benedicta, that’s a new one for me! By “peppery” you must mean a kind of “burning” sensation. I would tend to believe that this sensation is not related to meditation but is something related to the eyes, tear ducts, eyelashes, or eyelids. If it is going away when you close your eyes that’s actually not surprising. I happen to have a condition that is similar to that but such matters are medical questions, not meditation questions. If I understand your note correctly, you are saying that this peppery sensation goes away when you meditate or pray. Re-directing your attention away from the body would, by itself, tend to make irritations of this type subside, at least from your awareness.

My recommendation is to see an eye doctor!

Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA