Meditation Experiences


I meditate daily and often I see what looks like a large almond shaped eye. It’s always a beautiful dark blue color and always with black eye lashes around it. It’s very pretty. It sorta pulsates and fades in and out. It sometimes gets very large and close to my occupying my total vision, like it could engulf me. I’m not at all afraid of this, I’m just curious if it’s my spiritual eye opening.

—Kathy Ann, USA


Dear Kathy Ann,

What a lovely experience you have been blessed with. It is often said we can only see ourselves!

There can be many faces that one sees in meditation and probably most are unrecognized by us. There can be also shapes, colors and, really, just about anything. Between our own subconscious imaginings (as in our nightly dreams) and the actual astral world itself, there lies an infinity of possibilities.

I think it is a good tact to view this “eye” as a doorway to the onset of the spiritual eye. Certainly, there is no harm in that, provided you feel safe and comforted. But such cannot be known in advance for the spiritual eye “cometh as a thief in the night.” One of the lessons inherent in inner experiences is that the larger reality of the astral world (and above) and of God as Infinity itself, is that these things are not creations of our ego nor are they under our ego’s control. Hence the need for wise counsel and especially a true guru. For the inner world is far more subtle than the material world.

Only by self-offering, and release of ego, can we enter the “promised land beyond our dreams.” Thus it is that at each step one must remain conscious, calm and with faith and courage. The inner guidance and protection of God through the agency of a guru becomes a necessity as we advance spiritually until such time as the inner guru (the soul) becomes our guide and our Self.

Returning to your specific experience, if it continues, calmly with words or only feelings invite this all-seeing-eye as Divine Mother to speak or guide you. Ask questions and ask for a name! Ask are you of God? Guru? In whose name do you come? There are many imposters in that realm so please do be careful. Use common sense and make sure any response you receive is in alignment with universal truth teachings and especially those of your guru, if you are a disciple.

Before meditation, always pray for God’s assistance and protection. Pray to one of the great rishis, avatars or saviours like Jesus Christ, Babaji, Buddha, Yogananda etc as you are inspired to do. Never play with the fire of self-congratulations because any inner experience that incites and feeds the ego is sure to wreak havoc psychologically, spiritually, even physically.

I hope I haven’t said too much and or more than you need or want to consider. But if you are sincere and intelligent and you seek divine guidance, you have nothing to fear.

With unceasing blessings,
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA