Meditation Experiences


When I can focus my inner vision on the star within and between my eyes, I see a mirror which reads- The Spirit of Truth. Does anyone on your staff have the depth of perception to extrapolate meaning from this and explain it to me, please.

—Kevin Stanbro, U.S.A



Inner astral perceptions are beyond number and are as individual as we, as individuals. The spiritual eye is the one astral perception considered to be universal to all but even in this case, its actual description and the means by which it appears, length of stay, variations in color or shape: these vary widely.

But in all cases, including those which are visions of saints, deities or astral entities (not just abstract phenomenon), none are under the command of the human (egoic) will. To most meditators, few astral experiences communicate a discernable message, whether personal or impersonal. Indeed, Patanjali suggests the meditator use such appearances as focal points for concentration (and, by implication, devotion). The process is one which through meditation, devotion and grace the astral senses are awakened and we begin to perceive “objects” in the astral world. The spiritual implications of this are not necessarily great because we already have an astral body. One’s intentions, especially devotion and seeking of God (and the highest truth), are what make the difference between a person who possesses psychic ability and a devotee. How many truth seekers are drawn off into phenomenon and away from God!

So the appearance of a “mirror upon which are written the words ‘The Spirit of Truth'” would surely be a “reflection” of your own intention and the goal you are seeking. This should be seen as encouragement but not an end in itself. Should it come again, offer your gratitude to the experience and even mentally ask for guidance. See it as you would a highway sign assuring you that you are proceeding in the direction of the city you are seeking, but not more than that. It is not an end but a means to the end. ok?

Blessings upon your journey!
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA